Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Savior

Part 7

When Adam got to work the next morning there was a newspaper on his desk. He didn’t subscribe to a paper. Someone must have had an extra one, he thought, and gave it to him. On the front page the top story was about the police arresting a hit and run driver. The driver had run into some school children seriously injuring one of them. The incident was reported by a bystander and the car was later identified. There was a photograph of the car and it looked very much like the car that hit the dog last night.

Under that was an item about a lion that had escaped from the zoo. An exhaustive search was on and there was a phone number to call if the lion was seen by anyone. Adam jotted down the number just in case.

After that was a notice that Archbishop Califano would be visiting Saint Joseph’s Church for the Sunday Mass.

At the bottom was a title that read “Chernov asteroid behaving erratically NASA scientists say. Story page 4”

Adam put the paper aside and opened his desk drawer. He removed the file and looked at it again. “Actuarial Report for the Babylon Bridge Project” He opened it and there was the list of names under the title “Dismissals” with the name A. Zelf at the bottom.

He picked it up and went looking for the woman who had given it to him. He walked into the word processing department but didn’t see any faces he didn’t recognize. He checked into the conference rooms which were empty. Finally he went to Al Fischer’s office and asked the receptionist if he could go in.

She buzzed and said Mr. Zelf is here to see you.”

“Yes” came the reply over the speaker.

Adam went through the door. Al Fischer was a neat and fastidious person. His office was bare except for the necessary furniture, but it was clean and tastefully painted.

“Yes, Zelf. What’s the problem?” said Fischer.

“One of those visiting accountants gave me this to check but it’s all names.”

“Visiting accountants?”

“Yes, sir. Yesterday.”

“There were no visiting accountants yesterday.”

“You said yesterday that there were some visiting accountants and that they might give me things to check and one of them gave me this.”

“I never said any such thing Zelf. You must have dreamt it. Now go back to work.”

(To be continued.)


Beth said...

I just got caught up on all these, D. I'm highly intrigued! :)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Alternate reality, this is going to be interesting.