Friday, January 30, 2009

B&C - 7

Brian and Christine
Book Three
Saint Jane's
Part 7

“Why not. We’re friends and I have been responsible for her getting here. I just want to see her for a moment.”

“No. She won’t be ready to receive guests for quite a while.”

“Why not?”

“There’s an orientation process she must go through first. Become familiar with our procedures and fundamentals, get acquainted with the staff and the other girls, learn the facilities and what’s expected of her and enter her training program. That takes time.”

“Well then, when can I see her?”

“That’s hard to say at this point, but if you’d like to make a reservation….”

“Okay. How about tomorrow.”

“Oh, ho! No. She won’t be ready to see anyone tomorrow.”

She looked down at her book, turned a page, looked it over and finally said “I’ll make one for March 22nd. What’s you name again?”

“That’s a month from now! Surely I can see her before then.”

“I’m sorry sir, that’s the first available date. Now may I have your name please.”

“It’s Brain Sims.” She wrote it down in the book.

“How were you recommended?”

“No one recommended anyone. Her family arranged for her to come here.”



“You have no recommendation, Mr. Sims? Where are you from/”

“I live in LA.”

“What do you do?”


“Don’t worry. All information is kept confidential, I can assure you.”

“I write film scripts.”

“Oh.” The nun was not impressed.

“All right Mr. Sims, I guess that’s acceptable.” She wrote something down on a card.

“When you come present this card at the desk and you’ll be ushered to her room.”

Brian took the card, it said “449” and nothing else. “What is this?”

“That confirms you’re appointment. And when you come it will be one thousand dollars. Cash.”

Brian and Wendy were both stunned.

“Why so much money?”

“Mr. Sims we are a religious organization, not affiliated with any church. We do not receive any grants form the city or the state. We rely solely on the contributions of our guests to pay for the staff and facilities. I’m sure you can understand that. Our requested donation is a thousand dollars. Please have it with you when you come.

“Are you asking for a thousand from each of us?”

“No, madam, the reservation is for Mr. Sims, not for you. For her to see you will take a lot longer, I’m afraid.”

“This is ridiculous. I insist on seeing Christy right now” said Wendy.

“You can insist all you want to, madam. She is not available to you.”

“Mr. Sims, remember the date, March 22.” She looked at the book again. “I’ll make it for one o’clock.”

Brian grabbed the card from off the desk and headed down the hall for the door. Wendy followed. Once outside Wendy said “This is too fishy for words.”

“You smell fish and I smell a rat. I’m calling Christy on her cell phone right now.”

He dialed and waited. “That’s strange. It’s not ringing.”

“Let me try” said Wendy. She dialed. “You’re right. It’s dead.” Then she dialed another number. “Hello Tom, it’s Wendy. I’m with Brian Sims and we need to see you right away. It’s urgent….Thanks.” She hung up. “Mr. Wong is waiting for us. Let’s go.”

(To be continued.)


Beth said...

Good golly! I'm rallying the troops, we've got a prison break to plan! We're coming, Christy!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds even worse than before.

Leigh said...

Go Wendy! I knew I liked her!

:) Leigh

Just Bill said...

DB, now you really got me going, whaat with your warning before part 3 and now this. I am not sure I can take any moro f this.
Have a great weekend, Bill

Linda's World said...

This almost sounds like a "Twlight Zone" type of situation. Linda in Washington

Big Mark 243 said...

Seems just like my theory about child slavery ... that seems the most likely and they have to make an appointment to see the children, so they can be properly 'prepped and seasoned', like slaves in the middle passage.