Thursday, January 29, 2009

B&C III - 6

Brian and Christine
Book Three
Saint Jane's
Part 6

The driver started the engine and the limo began to move out into traffic.

Brian turned back to the house when he saw Wendy drive up in her car. He opened the door leaned down and said “Where are you going?”

“Get in” she ordered. He did and she started off even before he got the door closed.

“You’re following him” he said.

“You bet. I don’t like his attitude. He behaves too much like Mother Magda. If we don’t like this place we’ll yank Christy right out of it and let Tom take care of the chips.”

The limo went down the Boulevard for a while then turned off and headed for the Freeway. They drove for a while on the Freeway and the limo turned off into a residential area. It passed through that into a less populated place and came upon a tall brick wall that surrounded a piece of property which couldn’t be seen from the road. Without signaling, the driver of the limo turned through a gate in the wall. There was no sign at the gate. Wendy followed. Now they were on a private road that was quite long, but they could see buildings in the distance. As the driver of the limo approached the buildings he made a left turn around the side of one of the buildings. Wendy followed. After about 50 yards the limo turned a sharp right, down a ramp and into a garage. As soon as it did the garage door closed.

Wendy stopped the car and waited to see what would happen. They sat there for several long minutes, but there was no more activity.

Wendy continued on to the end of the building where the driveway came to a halt next to another wall. She made a U turn and went past the garage which was still closed and back to the other side of the main building. It was a two story brick building with windows on both floors. On the first floor the windows were boarded up, the second floor windows had metal guards over each one.

“This place looks like a prison” said Brian.

“I don’t like it” said Wendy.

She drove around to the front. They were searching for a door. They came upon another limousine parked in a small parking area, and near it they saw a single metal door.

Wendy pulled into the parking space and stopped the car. They both got out and went to the door. Brian knocked. There was no answer. He knocked again.

Brian had a sudden flash of memory about knocking twice on the door to Father Portera’s church, Saint Andrew’s. So he waited, but there was still no response. He knocked a third time and was just about to try the door handle when it opened.

Holding the door open was a nun who said “This way.”

They were in a corridor that stretched in both directions. The nun was walking in front of them toward the left. At the end of the corridor there was a small office with a counter. There was no desk. The nun stepped behind the counter. “Name?”

“Brian Sims.”

The nun looked at a book and said “I don’t see your name. Do you have a reservation?”

“No. We just came to see that a girl I just enrolled here, Chirstine Flynn, is okay.”

“She’s fine.”

“But can I see her please?”


(To be continued.)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hmmm, surprised they got through the gate. Reservations, sounds fishy to me, especially with young girls involved.

Beth said...

Reservations?! What the heck is that about? Oh, this does not look good.

Linda's World said...

Hmmmmm indeed! Linda in Washington

Big Mark 243 said...

Seems like me and Wendy were on the same page.

If I had to say anything, I would think that they 'sell' these kids to people. Child slavery. But that is me.