Thursday, February 26, 2009

B&C III - 34

Brian and Christine
Book Three
Saint Jane's
Part 34

”I just remembered” said Brian “there are some of the clothes I bought her the first time still hanging in my closet. Shouldn’t we put those in the bundle?”

“Not a good idea. She might think you were inviting her not to come back here.”

“Good thinking. I’m very glad you’re in my life, Wendy. Especially now. This whole thing has me so unnerved I’m likely to make the wrong choices. I feel like such a dope.”

“Just because you act like a dope sometimes, in your own charming way, doesn’t mean you are a dope.”


There was nothing to do now except wait for Monday, when Wendy could take the bag to Alice Foster and hope everything passed her approval.

Late that afternoon a messenger arrived with a package for Brian. Inside the large envelope was a smaller one. In the corner was written “G. Werbler”. He opened it and found an advance copy of “People Talk” magazine. He noticed three paper clips on various pages and a postit on the front saying FYI.

He opened to the first clip which was on the inside of the cover page. In the corner was the picture of Christy with the title “Why can’t Christine be adopted? Story page 12.”

He turned to the next clip, which was page 12 and there was the story of the raid and arrests of the people from Saint Jane’s. The story talked about the girls and the conditions they lived in. It explained about the policy of not allowing adoptions, only using Christy as an example.

Brian was grateful for that, that they didn’t make a big deal out of Christy’s part in uncovering the crimes. Although Brian was amazed at how much and how quickly they got the information, he was glad something was being published about it, for a number of reasons.

He turned to the third clip and found a strange and unexplained item which read: (PT News) Police reported the death of Senator Carl LaJoie (R) of Louisiana. LaJoie’s body was discovered yesterday by some fishermen. He had been shot through the head with a rifle which was found in his hands. Police have determined his death was a suicide. He leaves a wife and three daughters. Calls to LaJoie’s home have not been retirned.

The item had been circled.

He showed the copy of the magazine to Wendy who read through the story about Saint Jane’s and remarked that it was carefully written to protect the publisher from any liability, but she surmised that People Talk was probably not finished with the story since it was exactly the kind of dirt the magazine was famous and ever so popular for.

Then she looked at the envelope and asked “Who’s G. Werbler?”

“I think she was Bloom’s contact at the magazine.”

“Well, if Bloom has any clout with Ms. Werbler maybe he can keep Christy’s name out of things.”

“Oh, I hope so. But he said he was going to make Christy famous.”

“In the best possible way, let’s hope.” Then she flipped to the last entry and read it.

“Did you know Senator LaJoie?”


“Well, it’s probably not the last suicide we’ll read about.”


“I will have to check, but I'll bet the Senator was a favorite visitor to Saint Jane’s"

(To be continued.)


Beth said...

OH! I wondered about the randomness of a Louisiana senator, but yes, now I see. [shudder]

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

As soon as the senator connection came up, I knew it was something sordid. Fricking Rags, they need to keep Christy out of it.

Leigh said...

I imagine the client list will be long and varied!
More plot twists and turns.


Big Mark 243 said...

This is were it should get even uglier, the unvailing of who is in the client picture of ol' St. Jane's.

Big Mark 243 said...

This is were it should get even uglier, the unvailing of who is in the client picture of ol' St. Jane's.