Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Savior

Part 26

Adam was thinking to himself that this was no kind of church and especially no kind of Catholic Church he had ever heard of.

After splashing the goat’s blood on the table the Archbishop removed his hat and handed it to one of the priests. Then he began to speak.

“Brothers…” Adam looked around and saw that there were no women in the church. “My secret heart is filled with sorrow today and also with joy. I am full of sorrow because this is the end, the last days, and so many have not repented of their sins. These are the days our brother prophets have spoken of through the tumbling disasters of the world’s history. This is the return of the great talking serpent who beguiled our brother Adam through the ignorance and sly manipulation of his damned and doomed wife, Eve. Oh, Adam, Adam. Why did you listen to your wife?”

Adam was beginning to feel even more uncomfortable.

“My secret heart is sad to day because there will be so much suffering such as has never been on the earth before. There will be no place to run, there will be no place to hide. There will be no forgiveness. There will be no mercy. The days of mercy and forgiveness are past and what is left? My brothers, what is left is disaster, pain, screaming in pain as the great fire of the Apocalypse burns the chaff away from the wheat, the sin away from the sinner and the decadence away from the righteous. My brothers, it will not be peaceful. Peace is dead.

Don’t let the scientists fool you, God’s Great Worm, Romos, is turning even now, as I speak, and heading for the only planet that has turned it’s back on Him, the Great Creator. We will be visited and then we will be no more. Some of you are being held even now over the fires of Hell and will be dropped into it to your everlasting pain and anguish.

Is it too late to repent? It is too late. The only hope is to throw yourselves face down on the image of God’s goodness, if you have any faith and understanding. You are not free. You are guilty. There is no hope, there is only sacrifice. Tear your clothes. Tear out your hair, pluck out your eyes, tear the skin from your bodies, castrate yourselves, break you legs, burn your children in the fire. The only sacrifice the Great Judge will accept now is intense pain.

Let us pray.

(To be continued.)


Beth said...

Holy crap! Literally!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

The Archbishop is diluted, no god would require pain for repentance. Adam needs to make haste out of there.