Monday, September 27, 2010

The Savior

Part 30

“A picnic?” Adam was annoyed.

“Why not?” said Al. “It’s a nice Sunday afternoon, just perfect for a picnic in the park.” He clapped his hands together and a moment later the limo appeared. “We’ll drop you off at your place so you can change and we’ll pick you up in half an hour.”

Jules held open the door and Adam got in. As soon as the door was closed the lime started and in a few moments Adam was at his apartment building. He said “Thank you” to the driver and closed the door. The limo drove off and Adam entered his apartment building. He was expecting to find something different about his apartment but it was the same as he had left it. He was so used to the unexpected taking place that it seemed strange not to see some change. He hoped he wasn’t getting jaded and blasé about everything. There were too many unanswered questions still goading him.

He quickly changed into comfortable clothes. He went into the bathroom to wash up and noticed that the blood on his hands had disappeared and so had the marks on his forehead. He had no evidence of his hour at Saint Joseph’s except a bloody handkerchief and the fire and brimstone sermon of sin, pain and destruction from Archbishop Califano still ringing in his ears.

He sat down at his table to wait for his ride and flipped open “The Returning.” He glanced down and read “…and the prophets were sent to speak proleptically. They were accepted but not believed as was usual for the slaves. Alas for the minimal king. When it is written….” The phone rang.


“Your ride awaits you, Zelf.”

“Thank you.” He hung up, closed the book and went downstairs. He looked around for the limo but instead a voice hollered “Over here Adam” and he saw Ron Levine waving to him from the back of a pick up truck.

(To be continued.)