Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Savior

Part 28

“I don’t understand any of this” said Adam

“But you prophesied it. You don’t remember?”

:I did not prophesy any of this.” Adam felt a sting in his left hand and looked down to see a small patch of blood slowly forming in his palm. He reached inside his pocket, withdrew his handkerchief and held it against his palm. “I’m bleeding” he said.

With that Jules stood up and said “I’ll get the priest.” He walked toward the back where Califano had been and disappeared behind the wall.

“Well Adam, this is it” said Al. “Check you other hand.”

Adam looked down and saw that blood was seeping from his other hand, so he pressed both hands together against his handkerchief,

A moment later Jules came back with the priest who looked at Adam strangely and asked “Has this ever happened before?”

“Yes” Adam replied, “but only with my feet.”

“Come with me.”

The priest led Adam, Al and Jules behind the wall to a small lavatory with a toilet and sink. It was dim, undecorated and cold. The priest turned on the water in the sink and said “Wash off.”

There was a small bar of soap at the side of the sink. Adam took it and washed his hands. The blood was still on his hands when he finished and now some wounds appeared at the back of each hand which were not bleeding.

“Wait here” said the priest. “I’ll bring His Eminence to see this.”

“What’s happening to me?” asked Adam.

“You are a native. You posses the land. And you are about your father’s business.”

Adam saw a flash of something in front of him, a split second of a scene he seemed to recognize. It was bright red and black.”

The Archbishop entered the room with the priest. He looked at the three men with suspicion. The priest indicated Adam and Califano said “Show me your hands.”

Adam held out his hands, palms up and then turned them over.

“No” barked Califano. “It’s not a stigmata. It’s a hoax. He’s injured himself somehow. He’s an imposter. Get him to confess and then kick him out of here.”

Califano turned and left the room.

(To be continued.)