Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Savior

Part 29

The priest spoke “I’m sorry gentlemen but you’ll have to leave now.“

“That old archbishop is a fool” said Jules.

"Please” said the priest, motioning to the door.

“Gladly” said Adam. His wounds had completely healed over. He clutched his bloody handkerchief and opened the door. The three men, led by Adam left the room and headed for the front of the church.

On the way Adam overheard snatches of inane conversation from the people who were still at the tables.

"How’s Sally?"

“Oh, she’s dong okay. The doctor said she might come home next week.”
"You goin’ finshin’ this afternoon?"

“Yeah. You wanna come?”

“I’m trying out for the bowling league. I hope I make it.”

Nothing Adam heard would dispute the idea that Archbishop Califano with all of his talk about sin, pain, death and disaster was truly an old fool. None of his congregation seemed to have paid any heed to him.

Once outside Adam turned to the two other men and said “Look. I’m tired of this. Nothing makes any sense to me. Why was I brought here to this church that isn’t a church to listen to that old jerk talk about death and destruction who wouldn’t even bother to consider my bleeding palms? I have to go back to my place and think this through.”

“I have a better idea” said Al.

“Yeah, what?”

“Let’s have a picnic.”

(To be continued.)