Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Savior

Part 31

Adam walked over to the truck and found the tail gate down. So he sat on it and pulled his legs inside. A stranger stepped to the back of the truck and closed the tail gate. He looked at Adam with a grin and said “Hello. I’m Alex. I’m on your list” then he went to the passenger’s side of the truck and got in.

Adam looked around and saw some unfamiliar faces, but Ron introduced them. “This is Murray’s brother Ben, that’s Caesar Parantha, we call him Sy. And over there is Saul Kesler. They’re also on your list.”

Standing in the truck between the men was a lamb. Pointing at it Adam asked “Is that our lunch?”

“No, no” said Ron. “They stopped eating meat a hundred years ago, at least. No, he’s our guest.”

“Our guest?”


“For the picnic?”


“I see” said Adam although he obviously did not see.

“It’s his wedding day” said Sy Parantha with a smirk.

Adam assumed he was making a joke. Adam was wrong.

(To be continued.)