Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Savior

Part 32

It was Sunday afternoon and there wasn’t much traffic so the truck moved along quickly down the main road and after about 20 minutes turned off into a side road.

“Where ae we going?” asked Adam.

“Egypt” replied Ron.

Adam didn’t respond to that. At this point in his few day’s experience he was reedy for anything to be possible.

“Alex knows where we’re going” said Saul.

Adam settled back to wait and enjoy the countryside as the truck moved along. He vainly tried to put pieces together and sort things out. A fire truck that came out of nowhere, bloody boots but no injury, bleeding hands in the church with wounds that quickly vanished, a fiery sermon by a mad archbishop about destruction and
God‘s Great Worm, a strange woman who gave him a list of names under the title of “Actuarial Report for the Babylon Bridge Product” and now he was meeting the people whose names were on that list.

There was the injured dog who was quickly healed and the boy with the broken hand. A magically new and bigger apartment, a bag of money hidden away in the closet, Nilsvater Beer, visions on the bathroom ceiling, “The Returning,” a lion, a bear, a tiger, then what? This is like a giant nightmare, he thought.

The truck turned onto a country road and in a few moments was traveling alongside
A stream. They came to a bridge over the stream and took it The Babylon Bridge? Adam wondered. On the other side of the stream the truck pulled up next to a van and parked.

Alex got out of the cab, came over and pulled down the tailgate. Ron jumped out and said “Adam, hand me the lamb.”

Adam picked up the lamb, which made one small noise. Holding the lamb against his chest Adam remembered an injured dog he held the same way. Ron’s dog. Where was the dog?

The dog was there, in the van. But there were more animals waiting for Adam. His eyes and his mind were about to open.

(To be continued.)