Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Savior

Part 34

No more questions, Adam decided. Every time I ask a question I get a strange answer I don’t understand and which pushes me further into this nightmarish vortex. I’ll be safe if I just play along with this game and see where it leads.

But the vortex was about to deepen.

The little dog jumped out of the van and went over to greet Ron who gave him a scratch on the head. Then the dog went over to check out the lamb who was quietly nibbling on the grass and who paid no attention.

Something caught Adam’s eye and he looked off into the forest to see a bright red light. As he watched it got larger and he was alarmed. He thought it was a fire.

“Look” he said and pointed.

A few of the men looked over but were unconcerned. Just then the light grew very large and bright and emerged from between the trees. As it did it took the form of a horse and rider. It was a brown horse and Adam guessed that the bright sun had given it a very red color. The horse and rider trotted off in another direction.

“There will be more horses” said Semyon.

“Oh” said Adam. He wasn’t going to discuss horses. He turned to look at the stream which seemed much larger now than when they crossed it. It was more like a small river. He started to walk down to it when he heard a phone ringing.

“Where’s the phone?” he asked.

“There’s no phone” said Ben.

“There must be.”

“No. No phone.”

“But I hear it ringing.”

“Probably” said Ben, “but there’s no phone.”

(To be continued.)