Monday, October 18, 2010

The Savior

Part 33

Adam held the lamb out to Ron who draped it around his neck and then headed for the van. Adam jumped down from the tailgate of the truck followed by Saul, Ben and Sy.

They were in a large field with rolling hills, a forest in the distance and behind them the stream flowing briskly along. As they approached the van the other men came over to them and Ron introduced them to Adam: Matthew Lott, Jacques Penseur, Ben Bonner and Dick Tepler, the author of “The Returning.“ Alex stepped up and reintroduced himself as Alexander Andropolis.

Ron took the lamb from around his shoulders and put it on the ground. It immediately began nibbling at the grass.

“Well” asked Saul “are we all here?“

“We are” said Al.

“Good” said Matthew Lott. “Let’s party.”

“Hold on. Where’s Jules?” asked Saul.

“You know he can’t be here while I’m here” said Matthew.

“You two don’t get along?” asked Adam.

“It’s not that” said Ron. “It’s that they occupy the same space and time.”

“What does that mean?”

“One is the positive and one is the negative. They would cancel each other out. They would devour each other. They would disappear.”

“Oh” said Adam,

(To be continued.)