Friday, March 6, 2009

B&C III - 42

Brain and Christine
Book Three
Saint Jane's
Part 42

“Hello Christy….Oh, I’m okay. How are you?....Good….What?....So I heard. Do you like it there?....Is Wendy treating you good?....When?....Hi Wendy. That was a brief, unexpected pleasure…..Did you tell her to call me?....Did she put up a fuss about it?....Well, that’s good, if it didn’t crack the ice maybe it melted it a little bit…Is she still there by the phone?.....When?....Okay, I’ll go to the studio. What time will you be coming?....All right, I’ll let Mrs. Romero know to expect you….Have you girls been having fun?....She has?....That’s good….Did she have any nightmares?....Oh, well, that’s a good sign….Okay….I love you Wendy. Love you both….Please tell Christy I love her….Bye.”

Brian hung up the phone and was pleased that he got to talk with Christy briefly, but he was still concerned because it didn’t seem that she wanted to talk to him. There’s a difference between real love and obligatory love. Brian didn’t want Christy to talk with him because she had to. When will the day be when she really comes to him because she wants to, when she doesn’t tag along after Wendy? Wait, wait and keep loving, he thought. But his stomach was churning with doubt and frustration.

At breakfast the next morning he told Mrs. Romero that Wendy and Christy would be coming over to swim, then went off to Silverstone Studios.

When he walked into Bloom’s office, Myron was on the phone as usual. He motioned for Brian to sit and after a few moments hung up, looked at Brian and said “I hope you’re ready for some bad news.”

“My whole life these days is bad news. What now?”

“Launce Lojak read your script, doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to do it. I’ve been on the phone with his agent this morning. No go.”

“Why doesn’t he like it?”

He said he doesn’t want to spend a whole film digging a tunnel and he says there isn’t enough fierceness in it.”

“Fierceness. It’s a story about courage, bravery and ingenuity, not about violence.”

“So what? It’s a no go with Launce. It sucks, but we’ve got to find another star. I’ve got phone calls out.”

“Any bites?”

“Not yet. People are busy. We may have to go east, as much as I hate it there.”

“Who’s there?”

“John Clancy. He’s doing a Broadway but maybe he can get away. I’ll call him. Otherwise I’ll drop an order on the New York agents and see what they come up with.”

(To be continued)


Beth said...

I think Christy will come around. Be patient, Brian!


Just Bill said...

DB, this brought a tear to my eye. You have developed the character of the three of them o well I feel I know them all.
I feel so sorry for Brian at this point.

Did you do anything about the lead I gave you in the email.

Marc is the writer and his brother died the other day so he is not posting much. I am still trying to find further info you you. Have a nice weekend, take a walk along the canal on Sunday it is supposed to be in the 70's, Bill

Arlene (AJ) said...

Each day I anxiously wait to read what happens next in Brian and Christy's keep me spellbound DB.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

At least the worst is over, they did talk. While the road may not be smooth, it does lead to a destination.

Big Mark 243 said...

I don't know what is going to happen with Brian and Christy. Should things heal between them, is going to be a rough road.

Brian has work issues facing him as he deals with his family problems. Got to wish him luck.