Saturday, March 7, 2009

B&C III - 43

Brian and Christine
Book Three
Saint Jane's
Part 43

“I’m sorry. I sort of had Lojak in mind when I wrote tie script.”

“Those are the breaks, kid. You’re good buddy Wong and I finally settled the dispute over the new SAG contract. The union is plundering us, as usual, but what can you do. You still hold a card?”


“Well maybe I’ll put you in the film and save a little money. How’s your young friend doing?”

“She’s doing okay. As well as she can under the circumstances.”

“When are you going to bring her around here?"

“As soon as she starts talking to me again.”

“Why doesn’t she talk to you for Chrssake?”

“She’s going through a thing about men, I guess.”

“No wonder. Those bastards. I hear they’re getting themselves put away, one by one. Forever, let’s hope.”

“Let’s hope.”
“So what’s happening with you?”

“She and Wendy, my fiancée, are at my place swimming, so I’m staying away for the day.”

“So hang out. Go over to studio 17. They’re shooting a fight scene with two macho gay stunters. It should be very interesting.”

“Thanks. I think I’ll go to the library.”


Brian left Bloom’s office, chatted briefly with Beatrice and then went walking around the studio lot feeling as if he didn’t belong there, or anywhere. He was always amazed at how many people there were involved in making a film, a “large paint box” Orson Welles had called it. He hoped he could bring Christy here one day. He knew he would have a lot of explaining to do because she would be so curious about everything. The thought of Christy made him sad.

He wandered into the library which, as usual, was empty of all except the librarian, Janice Swarth, a quiet, friendly woman but one who never smiled. Brian chatted with her a bit and then went back to the shelves. He took down a few books on American History. He was basically killing time until he could return home, but he was also looking for an idea for another film. Something with fierceness, he thought, with an ironic grin. No more miners digging tunnels. A war story perhaps.

Unless the tale is well known, with famous characters people are usually not interested, and if it’s a famous story it’s usually done in an antiseptic manner so as not to insult the heroes of the past.

So maybe he should return to a fictional story. He would like to do one about Buffalo Gap. That would mean going back there to get more information. Now there’s a film Myron could cast Brian in easily.

The time passed while Brian mused on these things. At about 4, Brian called Wendy’s cell phone to find out that they had finished swimming and had gone back to her place. So he put the books back on the shelf, said good day to Janice and went home.

Once there he settled down at his desk and tried to relax. His fingers were itching to write something. What he typed was “I’m angry!”

(To be continued.)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Good, anger is a much better emotion for Brian right now than depression :o)

Beth said...

Yes, good! We're all concerned about Christy's feelings, and rightfully so, but what about Brian? His feelings are valid, too. It has to be very frustrating to know that you risked your life for this child, and now she doesn't even want to talk to you. I know that Christy has been through a terrible ordeal, but so has Brian!


Just Bill said...

Brian will be ok after all he says hello and talks to secretaries and librians. He can't be all bad. You have sure got us all rooting ofor B and C both.
Good job Bill

Dannelle said...

Righteous indignation- that's good anger Brian is feeling- Dannelle

Big Mark 243 said...

I can really relate to where Brian is. Very frustrating state of affairs.