Wednesday, March 18, 2009

B&C III - 54

Brian and Christine
Book Three
Saint Jane's
Part 54

[Note to my readers. As an inexperienced writer, learning the ropes, I came across a problem that may confront many writers This and the next two entries were very difficult to write, as you will see if you read them. It represents a sub plot ot the entire Brian and Christine story. I was going to leave it out, but I feel it's necessary to include. I know how much tension I was under when I wrote it because when I finished it my whole body began to relax.]

PF Well, being young they were inclined to be rambunctious and disobedient and thus needed a little discipline.

MS Do you think torturing the girls was a little discipline?

PF Well it worked, and it really doesn’t hurt that much.

MS Really? I have one of those wands with me, Sister. Would you like me to show you how it feels?

PF No thank you. I’m not being disobedient.

MS When the police investigated Saint Jane’s they found two girls in the basement, naked and locked in a bare room.

PF Those two were very disruptive and needed to be kept away from the rest of the group.

MS But wasn’t there a better way to keep them separated than locking them in the basement?

PF No there wasn’t. Besides they were fed and their instructions continued while they were there.

MS I see. Now the records show that men from various parts of the world have been coming there to have sex with these girls. Is that true?

PF We don’t know what goes on in those rooms. That is strictly between the girl and her visitor.

MS But aren’t sexual favors the main reason your so-called visitors come?

PF That is what the girls are trained for, yes. So I suppose so.

MS You say they are trained. Who does this training?

PF Why, the men of our home do it, as I told you.

MS You have men who train these young girls in how to have sex with adults. Is that it?

PF Yes.

MS Sister I don’t understand how you can possibly justify such activity.

PF But what you don’t understand is that it is God’s work that we do. Our visitors are some of the most important men on earth. They are leaders, governors, decision makers and policy makers. Their positions and their actions affect the entire world. It is vitally important to them to be able to retreat to a place of innocence, peace and gratification. The blessed Holy Mother Magda had a vision once, when she was in prayer. Blessed Saint Jane de Chantal came to her and said Magda, my work is not done. I need girls, devout and religious, who will serve God’s chosen men of the world and keep them happy and satisfied. So she founded our order. She knew she had to split from any association with Rome, so our order is independent.

MS I understand that. The Catholic Archdiocese has disclaimed any knowledge or approval of your activities.

PF Yes. Of course they have.

MS Sister, those girls in your home, where did they come from?

PF Oh, from all over. Some from broken homes, some from the street, from families that cannot keep them for one reason or another. Some of our visitors bring us girls to train for them..

MS So there are girls there who are already owned by someone. A slave.

(To be continued.)


Beth said...

Yes, I can see why this was difficult. What is really horrible is that I don't doubt for a moment that it happens, every day in all corners of the world. :(


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sad part is that situations like this really occur in our world, sad and tragic.

Big Mark 243 said...

I second Ken's comments.