Monday, August 2, 2010

The Savior

Part 14

The bag was filled with money, one hundred dollar bills, stacks of them. He looked up but Murray Bonner had vanished. Adam was frightened. He couldn’t understand this bag of money. He wondered if it was stolen. Maybe the people on his list was a gang of thieves and they were using him to hold stolen property. He decided to hide it somewhere. He fished the key out of his pocket, put it in the lock and opened his door to another shock.

He stood at the door for a moment thinking he had entered the wrong apartment. Everything was changed. All his furniture was there but it was much bigger and there were things in it that weren’t his.

He went in, put the bag down on a table and looked around. It looked as if a designer had come in and filled his apartment with things that matched Adam’s own purchases. More furniture, pictures on the walls and in the kitchen he found appliances he had wanted but couldn’t afford. He went into the bathroom and there, in fact, was a bath tub. He went back into his living room and sat down on a new chair. He didn’t know whether to feel frightened or delighted. After what had been happening to him it was hard not to believe his good fortune, even though it was totally unexplainable.

He opened the paper bag again and took out the money. There were thousand s of dollars, enough to pay all his debts and have plenty left over. He felt like a rich man, if the money was really his.

At the bottom of the bag he found a book and a note. The book was entitled “The Returning” by Richard Tepler. The note was from Ron Levine. “I told you money was no object. Dick Tepler is on your list. Now take a bath and look at it later.”

(To be continued.)

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Very intriguing, I think this is the best series, even though I enjoyed the others.