Monday, August 9, 2010

The Savior

Part 17

Adam opened the paper to page 4 and there was a photograph of the asteroid looking like a large noodle. The headline read “Scientists unable to explain strange movements.”

(International Press) Houston, TX. The Chernov asteroid, so called because it was first discovered by Russian scientist Boris Chernov, in 1824, is officially named Romos 980. It is believed to have originated from the expulsion of matter from the planer Neptune millions of years ago. It was probably once a comet but had burned up its outer layer of dust and gas and now was a solid mass of rock and metal. Since its discovery it has been known as a “minor Planet” but more officially as a “small solar system body.” IP learned that astronomers speculate if it maintained an orbit it could eventually assume an elliptical shape and become a planet or if it were attached by gravity to an existing body, another moon.

But, as a result of a recent NASA probe, Romos 980 is seen to be behaving in an unusual manner. Instead of turning slowly on an axis, it is twisting and turning sometimes violently causing scientists to speculate that it is being influenced by conflicting gravitational effects and perhaps by sonic waves.

NASA observations have also confirmed that Romos 980 is much larger than had been predicted, now measuring some 460 miles across approximately, at best estimate. Also of concern is its proximity to the Earth. Though not within the Earth’s gravitational pull it’s erratic movements are rapidly changing, realigning its position relative to the Sun and our place in the Solar System. Scientists were quick to assure IP that there is no apparent danger to the Earth, whatsoever. Romos 980 is too far away to be a threat.

Because of its serpentine appearance it has been nicknamed “Worm.” Romos is Greek for Worm, or Wormwood.

(To be continued.)

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