Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Savior

Part 22

But since there was no blood he didn’t think much about it, although he didn’t want to go into a church looking that way. But he was being urged by mysterious people and mysterious forces so he went to get dressed.

When he opened his closet door he saw a rack of suits that were new to him. He took out a dark, two piece charcola gray and looked at it. It seemed appropriate. Before closing the door he looked down at the bag full of money with a suspicious look. It was a problem for him to have that much money in his apartment even if he was led to belive it was his.

He finished dressing, with the new suit and a clean shirt, He stuffed a handkerchief into hi rear pocket and took his keys.

Out side the sky was gray and it looked like it might rain. Adam was dreading this trip to the church. He didn’t like churches. There was no much false about the way religion was conducted in them, he thought. That’s why he didn’t go to churches. The few times he was inone he wanted to shout “You’re all a bunch of phonies.” But he kept walking prompted by curiosity about what was next in this fantasy world where nothing made any sense. He wouldn’t be surprised to find a Mad Hatter somewhere.

But as he was approaching the block near the church he was stopped by two street urchins, a girl and a younger boy. The boy was crying.

“Please Mister, help my brother, He hurt his hand.”

The boy held out his hand and it was a horrible si9ght. The little finger was smashed, the bone was sticking out and it was bleeding. Adam reached under the hand and held it. He didn’t ask how it had happened. He looked at it and realized he would not be going to the church if he had to take of that. He covered the boys hand with his other hand and closed his eyes. He felt a surge of pity and compassion for the young fellow. As he did that the boy stopped crying as if he knew with Adam he would be alright. When Adam finally had the courage to look back at the boy’s hand he was amazed to see that it was completely healed. The finger had straightened out, there was no sigtn of the bone and the bleeding had disappeared.

(To be continued.)

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Healing powers confirmed, he should dread church even more now.