Monday, August 16, 2010

The Savior

Part 20

A bright burning ball of fire was coming right towards him, behind it appeared a face covered almost completely with white cloth but with dark, piercing eyes looking down at him and at the same moment a sharp, severe pain wracked his body. The vision lsted for only a second but it left him sweating and shaking.

He quickly closed the book and headed for his new bedroom to lie down. On the way the phone rang. He tried not to answer it but he grabbed it anyway.


“Pay no attention to that Adam. He won’t hurt you.”


“The man in the white cloth. It’s only the anointing.”

“What?” but the caller had hung up.

Adam sat down. He was exhausted but angry. He was damn tired of these strange phone calls, things he didn’t understand coming to him faster than he could sort them out. Bloody feet, an injured dog, a list of people he never knew, a lion, a bear and a leopard on the loose and not fighting, a bag full of money, a new apartment, comments made about angels, kidnapping, nets and olive trees, twirling lights ont eh bathroom ceiling that spoke to him and now an “anointing” and a “returning.”

He went into the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. So many things in his life had changed all of a sudden he wanted to see if he was still the same man, if he still looked the same. He looked at himself in the glass for a few moments and saw the same face he had seen that morning. Except for a small scratch on his forehead.

(To be continued.)

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Interesting about the scratch.