Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Savior

Part 19

“’What manner of man is this?’ they asked. No one knew him. He emerged from a humble place, a forgotten fish tank. His parents carried him as idea across many dangerous miles He was, to them, an offering, a sacrifice to one they had no knowledge of, a motive, a mission, a time machine secretly hidden in bowels of hope and placed where no one would know him.”

So began “The Returning” by Richard Tepler. Adam placed the book down on the table but left it open.

A bell rang telling him that his food was ready. He went to the kitchen where he found new plates in the cupboard. He took one down and removed his food from the stove. Fish cakes and corn, from “a forgotten fish tank” he thought. The food was very good and he thought he would like to have a beer. He opened the refrigerator to see if his invisible benefactors had given him any beer. He saw two bottles that looked like they could be beer. He took one out and read the label Nilsvater Beer.” It was a brand he had never heard of. He looked at the label and all around the bottle to find the name of the brewer but found nothing but the bright blue label that said “Nilsvater Beer.” He wondered who Nils was. He would have to check his list, he thought, with a grin. But at this point Adam was growing to trust the strange things that were happening to him so he got a bottle opener and a glass, pried the lid off the bottle and poured some of the beer into the glass. It was delicious. He filled the glass.

He took the glass back to the table where the book was lying open. As he approached the table the pages of the book started fluttering open. They stopped at a place part of the way into the book. He looked down and read “He came with the storm. He was there when the rain poured down and splattered the dusty ground, when the long fingers of water flowed into the furrows and revived the dying crops and when the troughs overflowed as the wretched suffering livestock drank at last.

But many were incensed at his appearance. They wanted him to be grand. He was a ruler. Why wasn’t he ruling? They wanted….”

Just then Adam heard a siren in the distance and had a frightening vision.

(To be continued.)

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

His first glimpse of the devastation?